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Fair Use

Copyright Confusion WikiNECC O9 Workshop"Schoolhouse-Rock" style music videos to teach about copyright and fair use
Copyright Advisory Network

.Code of Best Practice (PDF)

Remix Culture

Fair Use and InfoEthics
Fair Use Evaluator
Darfur video: Focus: Transformative: why or why not?

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Teaching Copyright provides high school copyright unit and activities culminating in a mock trial that tests the students' understanding of copyright.
Code of Best Practice for Video
Categorized list of examples of transformativeness (Center for Social Media)
Researcher’s Top Five Videos in Each Category
  • Satire and Parody
  • Negative or Critical Commentary
  • Positive Commentary
  • Quoting in Order to Start a Discussion
  • Illustration or Example
  • Incidental Use
  • Personal Reportage/Diaries,
  • Archiving of Vulnerable or Revealing Materials
  • Pastiche or Collage
Example: Ain't No Other Man

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Creative Commons
Copyright-friendly images and sound pathfinder

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Safety and Privacy

Leaving Digital Footprints that Count
Larry Magid on Facebook's Privacy Settings

My Hope

(videos and curriculum about online communication issues)

Cybersmart: 21st Century Skills for Educations
Net Cetera OnGuard Online (FTC)
Texting While Driving Public Service Announcement

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