Foreign Language News - use Google News (personalized page) and iGoogle gadgets to help students follow foreign language news. Tip: when searching for Spanish News gadgets for iGoogle, search for Noticias rather than Spanish News, so they get hits like El Pais.

Language practice - have class/groups work together to bring foreign language work in public domain onto Librivoxusing Audacity.

Quick (albeit stripped down) alternative to Diigo for site notation - Yahoo! search's new search pad feature- go to yahoo!, do a search, and search pad will show up as option on Left side of results page.

Viewzi - New Search engine. Allows you to choose how to show results. -- to create a webpage

iNudge Create music

Bibme ---- for citations

PBWorks --- wiki for teaching the Big 6


The Big Think---

The game is can't change the game. What do you do with the information that you discovered today? We must "think about the project." We are analyzing what we have learned.

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