Nancy Keane and Nancy White


Glogster Edu is a great tool to create colorful, exciting promotional materials - your students will love doing this for you! Here is an example I made for our Summit Middle School Program - Top 20 Books circulated during the first quarter. Each book cover links directly to the online catalog so they can read a description and see if the book is available for checkout.

Google Forms

Also linked on the page is a Google Form which will allow students to easily submit book reviews - just by clicking on "Click Here to Write Review."

Here's another great use of Glogster - to embed book reviews, as created by Sasha Miller, Teacher Librarian for middle grades at Discovery Canyon K-12 Campus:

Check out Doctor Loopy's Hot Dog Book Reviews
Doctor Loopy uses crazytalk software to animate the drawings



Create word clouds from book reviews and challenge students to guess the book. You can also use wordles to pre-teach books and to use for review guides.


Try for a book promotional idea on your website.



Skype an author. There are many authors who are willing to visit your students via Skype. They offer a free 15 minute visit. Longer visits can be negotiated.

Skype an author

Embeddable Widgets

for your webpage to promote reading:



Animoto is a great tool to create short promotional videos featuring the newest books in your library.


​ Cris Hardin, High Performance Power Librarian from Mountain Ridge Middle School in Academy District 20, has used a blog as a communication/sharing tool for her "Literacy Leaders" group. She used Class Blogmeister to easily set up student accounts:



A student of Phil Goerner, High Performance Power Librarian from Silver Creek High School in Colorado created a booktalk using VoiceThread.
Check this out!


Create podcasts or even have your students create them. Put them on your web pages, put them in your catalogs, put them on the morning announcements. There are so many uses for podcasts.